Impact via B1G1

At RJS, we have great clients. And we work together with them to make their businesses and their lives even better just by doing what we normally do.

And each and every day we feel great about that.

But there’s something else that makes us feel even better AND our work even more rewarding.

It’s this: we don’t just enhance our clients lives, we impact the lives of people we most likely will never even meet. And that’s because every time we do business here at RJS, we make sure something great happens in our world too. It could be young girls being rescued from the sex trade, it could be children getting a solar lamp so they can study, it could be trees getting planted — it covers a whole range of things.

It’s more than giving back; it’s giving back with meaning.

It’s all made possible because of our Lifetime Partnership with B1G1: Business for Good — a truly amazing Global Giving Initiative that lets SMEs like us (and our clients) make a difference in extraordinary ways.

We would like to invite you to become a Giving Business
Like us, you'll be able to say, "Every time someone does business with us, something great happens in the world".
Please go to B1G1 and use the special code GIVING028 we think you'll be really glad you did.








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